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Caste, Religion and India. Separable?

“India is a divided society with unity, but with time these demarcations are harming us. Let’s give a thought upon these so we can be a great nation in years to come!”

“Vidya Sharma, India!” was something that pleased the coach Kabir Khan, we all remember that epic scene from the movie ‘Chak De India’ when the team members were asked to introduce themselves. All of us have watched enough patriotic movies and have enjoyed them a lot, but after the 180 mins show we are again Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians! Do we even realize how far we have come from being ourselves, from being just a human being, from being a native of our country, from being an ‘Indian’?
The Hindu parents won’t allow their daughter to marry the boy she loves. Why? Because he goes to a Mosque rather than a Temple. Well, the boy breathes the same air, he has been living for years drinking the water from the same land, he, too, is an Indian. Is that not enough?
The elder brother of a Muslim girl won’t let her go to …

आखिर क्यों! (Akhir Kyun)

तो आज का दिन भी एक दिन के तौर पर गुज़र गया,
और रास्तों में फिर से खौफ बिखर गया
क्यों आज़ादी सिर्फ शब्दों में है
क्यों औरत अब भी पर्दो मैं है?

क्यों सवालो से हम कतराते है,
आज़ादी का सिर्फ ढोल बजाते हैं!
हम इन सवालों को भूल जाते हैं,
क्यों अर्से में सिर्फ एक बार याद आते हैं?

क्यों हम बदल नही रहे,
क्यों हम संभल नही रहे?
क्यों पर्दो में बंद है उसकी आज़ादी
क्यों घूंघट मैं दफन है उसकी आज़ादी ?

आखिर क्यों!

- हर्ष आदित्य

Unheard, Until Violent?

A silent democracy is a dead democracy. Democracy and protests go hand in hand. India being the largest democracy is not untouched by them, despite we have a history of successful protests. We gained our independence through protests. Disagreement, complaint, and disapproval are the pillars on which a democracy stands. Protests are important, but there’s a small line between noise and voice. How protests nowadays have transformed from being people’s voice to Political noise? This is something to be bothered of. Something Indians and India need to ponder upon! In our 70 years of Independence we have seen great highs and lows, some great public movements and protests like The Nirbhaya Aandolan, Jan Lokpal Aandolan, the 1976 J.P. Andolan and the way they resulted for the benefit of the people and brought change in our society. But with time things have gone wrong, we have to think why modern-day protests don’t produce the desired result? Why a protest that rise being the people’s voice …