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You make us believe in India, Thank you Supreme Court!

The apex court of the country can not get better than it's last week performance, decisions taken were high profile, religious and were of public domain proved that it won't let us loose the hope that we have in them! The best out of all was abolishing instant triple talaq, from the time Raja Ram Mohan Roy stood for equal right for women and his efforts to abolish sati was successful India always looked and worked for equal right for all its citizen. A large number of Muslim women celebrated the decision and men from the same community joined proving the shift in mindset with time. The fight started with Shayara Bano and it concluded.
The best thing that we as Indians enjoy is the superiority of supreme court guarding our rights, laws and hopes, from the day it was established verdict on Jessica Lal murder case, the case against Indira Gandhi, Yaqoob Memon and against the sitting prime minister for 2002 Gujarat Riots proves it to be the best system existing in our country. Right…

Sorry Infants, We failed you

Gorakhpur has been voting BJP since it's existence, the local BJP representatives have always blamed the State Government and Central Government for ignoring the rise and spread of encephalitis in the Gorakhpur region for decades but  things changed in 2014 when BJP came into power in Centre, and 2017 in the state. Yogi Adityanath was elected as Chief Minister boomed our hope to be more developed and organized as a fast growing city but we are failed. The death of 63 children in last 2 days has put the nation in shock but BJP came out with stats and numbers of deaths in previous years to cover the tension, well if it has to be same why were they voted to power? Why are they still in power if they cannot bring the change? Yogi Adityanath has an image of fire brand hindutva leader and unfortunately after he sworn in as CM his government working style has depicted the same. Why so much ignorance for the issue that need immediate care?  Why do we still have to suffer? Do we really need s…