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Bright, Glowing life fades away...
The colors of life, the clumsy world takes away.!!
Gradually it turns grey..

‌The world attacks the colors..

The colors... JUST A PREY..!!

The Boat Of Life.!

I am like a boat in a river,
I flow go ahead learn new things
but have to go along with the waves.
I don't have the authority for self exploration.
I have to follow the waves

Thousand kilometers of river and,
billion of acres of sea.

Life ends.

Me and my boat.
All will end up in a sea.
With no force no direction no wind no inclination.

Lets Change The Way We Protest!!

It’s been ages we have been protesting through posters, banners, candle march, rally and many more. We all have witnessed the 2011 JanLokpal Andolan and 2012 Nirbhaya Andolan, and it is sad to accept that these did not produce the result that was expected. A general question arises whether our government is used to such uproar and waits till it dies? A Large public gathering sometimes are unlawful due to presence of unsocial elements and sometimes it goes very dangerous and results in a riot! Water cannon, Laathicharge, Enforcement of Section 144 etc., cause much inconvenience to public resulting in delaying of trains, violating traffic and loss to public property. Protests were always a medium of change and the modern day protests have failed completely in making a markable change! Gathering of hundred of unsocial element and shouting, creating a chaos is a serious threat to our society and Gandhi’s culture. SO, SHOULD WE NOT CHANGE THE WAY WE PROTEST? Yes, we should! Firstly, we sho…